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The Marine Firefighting Institute provides training, seminars, and consulting to meet the needs of your organization. We are available to work with Land Based Firefighters (professional or volunteer), with mariners and marina operators. Our training programs can be delivered at your training facility, marina, or we can create "Vessel Specific" training and realistic fire/emergency scenarios on the vessels of your fleet.

If you are a Fire Department, you don't even have to have a commercial port in your district to need this information. If you are only near a body of water that commercial ships and ferries use, you may be called in the event of an engine room fire or explosion.

What about a fire on a small pleasure craft or a marina? Small boat and marina fires can happen in the winter as well as in the summer! Our "Small Boat and Marina Fires" training looks at some problems encountered at a Ten Million dollar marina fire. If you have fishing boats in your district you will need our new "Commercial Fishing Boat Fire" training and our, "Tow Boats and Barges" training if you are on an inland river or waterway. For Departments with their own Fireboat see our new training program, "Small Fireboat Operations".Click on color title to go there now.















Fighting fires is what you do.....

However, the Land based firefighter will have to overcome the familiar attitude of, "A fire's a fire. I've been putting them out for years and a ship fire is no different." The other extreme of, "You're not getting me on one of those things", is equally unacceptable.

The Marine environment is different than what you are used to. Whether it's a small boat fire in a marina or an oceangoing oil tanker, it will take some new training, changes of your structural firefighting tactics, and some changes in attitudes. This entire program of marine fire training is important if not crucial.

If you're a mariner, this subject should be even MORE important to you. In most cases the Land Based firefighter can just walk off the vessel if a fire is not controlled. The mariner, at sea, does not have that option. If the fire is not controlled then you will have to abandon ship. Usually not near land and possibly in bad weather. Are your crews ready to put that fire out?
















In regards to legal repercussions for land based firefighters...

Chapter 15-1.2 of NFPA standard # 1405 dealing with volunteer, career, as well as mutual aid fire departments who have been defendants in law suits involving losses at ship fires, states,"An understanding of the dangers inherent in marine fire fighting should include an understanding of the consequences of the failure to provide a standard of training, planning, response, and action equivalent to that which a department provides on the land-based portions of its response area."

Quote from US Fire Administration report entitled Fireboats Then and Now "A central principle in the fire and rescue service has been that firefighters and rescue personnel do as they practice when called to the scene of an emergency. Like land-based firefighting, shipboard and marine fire emergencies require unique skills to be mitigated effectively. These skills must be taught, evaluated, and refreshed regularly to ensure quality performance and firefighter safety. Dependence on traditional land-based firefighting skills which have often been mastered by individuals selected or promoted to serve in marine units may be inefficient or dangerous in the non land-based environment." For the mariner there are legal questions also. When the land based firefighters come aboard who is in charge? What can they do? What should you do? Who is in charge of your vessel?





















Marine Firefighting Inc. will tailor the time and content to match your requirements. We are available for Training, Addressing Conventions, Expert Witness, and Consulting. Choose from our more than twenty hours of training programs on Shipboard Firefighting, Fires and Drills (including our newest, "Small Boat and Marina Fires"), our new "Commercial Fishing Boat Fire" training or any of our Ship Familiarization training programs.

See our latest training program dealing with fires and emergencies aboard"Tow Boats and Barges" on our inland rivers and waterways. (Click on blue titles to go there now!)

Training is available from a one-day mini program up to a five-day Shipboard Firefighting training program. Or we can tailor one specifically designed for your area or vessels. Contact the Marine Firefighting Institute for all your Marine Firefighting training, seminar and consulting needs. Ongoing and refresher training sessions are also available.

















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MFI is proud to have played a small part in the hurricane Katrina recovery

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No money for marine firefighting training? Federal grants through the Department of Homeland Security have been given out to Fire Department throughout the US for several years. If you haven't even submitted a request then you haven't done all you can to provide training to your Firefighters. And "Marine Firefighting" training must be considered under the title of Homeland Security. (See newsletter "Port Security - Are We Missing the Boat") Click on the banner below to obtain information about the 2010 grant program


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