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Marina Fire "By the Book"

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Fire Confined to just three boats

Last year MFI presented its seminar on "Small Boat and Marina Fires", for the Sailing Emporium Yacht Club and the Rock Hall, Maryland Fire Department. While there I was informed that Rock Hall had suffered a major marina fire just the previous year. Their Chief, Ken Smith, supplied me with these photos of this remarkable operation. The boat fire was located under the roof of a covered marina. However, due to the rapid stretching of foam lines, the fire was confined to only 3-boats and the roof . That's unusual because fires in covered slips are extremely rapid moving. (See our article, "Marina Fires - We've Gotcha Covered" on our Newsletter page.) Note flames and smoke starting to mushroom under the roof.

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In our seminar we also deal with protecting exposures. At a marina you may be able to move the exposure away from the fire! You can either move the exposed vessels or move the burning vessel. At this fire the exposed boats were removed. This action allowed the Rock Hall FD to concentrate on extinguishing the fire rather than protecting exposures. They followed the book. They did all the mandatory steps: Life-Locate-Confine-Exposures-Extinguish.

There was no life hazard, location was obvious, exposures were removed thereby also confining the fire. All necessary steps were completed so that the extinguishment phase could be rapidly initiated. Good job HCFD and the assisting local mutual aid Departments! Click the camera again to see the next photo.

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Safety is always stressed during our seminars. Note the "Shore Power Pedestals" in this photo. There is an electrical supply cable under this dock to supply those pedestals. Do your members know where your marina's electric shutoffs are located and how to operate them? Our seminar goes into detail as to what areas must be covered in any marina pre-fire plan. Please don't discount the seriousness of a marina fire. Your firefighters or marina staff must realize that they are operating near "Floating Bombs". You must act accordingly and take no unnecessary risks. Many tactics which also provide a "cushion of safety" at this potentially dangerous operation are discussed during our seminar. One safety message that is repeated many times during our seminar is, "If there is no life at risk, don't risk yours"

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If you operate a marina; if you have a marina or a body of water in your fire district or mutual aid area, then you need this information. The seminar also covers boat fires away from land.

Please keep The Marine Firefighting Institute in mind when you plan your training schedules. Whether it's for our seminar on Small Boat and Marina Fires, or one of our many other seminars, we will deliver the information that will allow you to do your job while insuring the safety of your members and the public. Don't your Firefighters and marina staff deserve this information?

Remember, the Coast guard will not fight marine fires. It will be up to Municipal Fire Departments and marina employees.








Whether you have a Fireboat or not, is your Department ready to handle a large scale Marina Fire? Do your Firefighters know how to safely operate at a marina or small boat fire?

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Thanks to the Rock Hall, Maryland Fire Department and congratulations, brothers and sisters, for a job well done in preventing a major marina fire.

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Be Safe!

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